Saw Palmetto or Beta-Sitosterol Prostate Formula

It’s so confusing so let’s prioritize what is important.
1. Saw Palmetto or Beta-sitosterol?
Answer: Beta-sitosterol – Why? Because it has been studied in double-blind placebo controlled clinical studies in peer-reviewed medical publications like Lancet, British Journal of Urology, and the Cochrane Reviews Database1. Information regarding “Beta-sitosterol in BPH” can be found at the National Institutes of Heath website ( In addition clinical data regarding Saw Palmetto has shown that it is no more effective than a placebo in the New England Journal of Medicine2.
2. Is beta-sitosterol all the same from one product to another?
Answer: Not at all. Most prostate formulas use a plant sterol mix and generally they label it as so. Some products have actual beta-sitosterol in a concentrated form that exceeds the 50-55% commonly found in a plant or phyto-sterol complex or mixture.
Most manufacturers source this ingredient from soy as it is common and allows for an increased profit margin. Soy in North America is 93% Monsanto “Round-Up Ready Soybeans” or genetically modified to allow for the spraying of the pesticide “Round-Up”. Round-Up® is familiar to most men as it is known as a common pesticide purchased at large chain home improvement stores or small independent hardware stores.
In addition soybeans are high in phyto-estrogen. Estrogen is a female hormone and studies have shown that in the male body testosterone levels are reduced. Which can lead to erectile dysfunction and a loss of sex drive.
A few manufacturers claim that they use sugar cane. However no wholesale source of sugar cane derived beta-sitosterol is available that is sourced in the United States or Canada. Sources are #1 Brazil, #2 India, #3 China.
Luckily there is a non-GMO, non-Soy prostate formula sourced from pine. Consumers can find these products by searching for “non-soy beta-sitosterol” or go to
3. Many prostate formulas have so many other ingredients like: Stinging Nettles, Pumpkin Seed extract, and/or saw palmetto are these important?
Beta-sitosterol is the miraculous common denominator in all of these other ingredients. If a more pure form of beta-sitosterol was used in manufacturing instead of a phytosterol complex these other ingredients would not be necessary that is why I refer to them as unproven fillers. For literally 3 to 4 decades (30 to 40 years) it is beta-sitosterol that physicians in Europe have relied upon for the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and not the other ingredients. The shotgun approach appears impressive but why not just rely on the ingredients that have been studied and published in multiple peer-reviewed medical journals.
Is lycopene important for my prostate?
The Mayo Clinic feels that at this point the data is not sufficient to make this claim. A simple search that includes lycopene, prostate and Mayo Clinic will show this.
It is our intention to make this simple and understandable as it should be. Don’t be misled by false claims and hype or a high price.
1 Cochrane Reviews Database
2 New England Journal of Medicine
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