UltraProstatePlus- Compare Prostate Formulas

RE: UlraProstatePlus – James Adison “How I Naturally Cured My Prostate Disease”

James – 1 tablet of UltraProstate has 157mg of Beta-sitosterol – 1 vegetable capsule of Best Prostate contains 310 mg of Beta-sitosterol. All these extra ingredients in UltraProstate have not shown published benefit in the literature to improve prostate function. Honestly 4 pills of UltraProstatePlus compared to 2 or 3 capsules of Best Prostate is simply not even comparable.

UltraProstatePlus wants to charge $59.oo a month and make you sign up for a recurrent billing account. Best Prostate does not offer recurrent billing nor do they store your credit information which creates both safety and customer satisfaction. A month’s supply of Best Prostate can be purchased for as low as $14.95 plus shipping. The company does not charge handling.

It amazes me that companies say “try our product for free” which means we take your credit card information and set up an account with recurrent billing (month to month) and autoshipments. One trip to the Better Business Bureau and you can find countless complaints against businesses that partake in this business practice of autoship and autobilling.

You can order one bottle of Best Prostate for $24.95 plus shipping $4.95 (priority mail anywhere in the continental US). If the product does not work for you simply call them and return the used open bottle and any additional open bottles and you will be issued a refund for $24.95. Use all sixty pills – honestly – the policy of Best Prostate is that “no man will continue to take something if it does not provide a benefit” I originally tried to post to the blog of James Addison however it appears the blog does not encourage a post from objective third parties.

According to purchase records at Best Prostate – they do not have a record of you ever purchasing Best Prostate. Please tell us how you made up your comparison?

No red face here – we encourage any comparative questions regarding prostate formulas.