Why does Best Prostate™ have only 3 ingredients?

The three ingredients in Best Prostate™ have been studied and published in multiple clinical trials that have shown benefit with respect to relieving the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.
Best Prostate™ was purposefully created without all those other ingredients and fillers primarily due to the fact that all those other ingredients have not been studied in well controlled clinical studies. In addition it was important to consider that 53 million Americans currently take a multi-vitamin and adding additional ingredients may subject individuals who do take a multi-vitamin to ingest unnecessary and very high levels of a respective nutrient or supplement. Best Prostate™ allows you to choose a multi-vitamin that is appropriate for you, if you choose to take one.
Another primary concern was prescription medications. The more ingredients that you have in a dietary supplement the more you need to consider possible interactions with prescription medications. This is why it is very important to inform your health care provider when you choose to take a dietary supplement in addition to any prescription medication that he or she may have been prescribed by their health care provider.
Best Prostate™ is manufactured using a vegetable capsule. In addition Best Prostate™ lists all other ingredients in the supplement facts table. You will note that a lubricant is used and that lubricant is also of “strict vegetable origin”. Since Best Prostate™ is a capsule it was not necessary to use a binder or filler in order to make the product stick together in a tablet of caplet form. Above you will see the “Supplement Facts” portion from the label for Best Prostate™.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Nature’s Healthy Supplements, Inc. regarding Best Prostate™ at 888-768-3836 or 818-509-0612. You can also visit: http://www.bestprostate.com/

Prostate Health Essentials – Senior Life Health

This product is amazing – over 30 ingredients in each capsule.
First note the you take 3 capsules per day. First of all there is no way that all thirty plus of these ingredients have been studied and published in multiple clinical studies and have shown a significant benefit with respect to the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Therefore with respect to the ingredients that have been studied 1 capsule contains:
150 mg of Beta-sitosterol
16.66 mg Zinc
66.6 mcg of Selenium
How much much does it cost?
One bottle (30 day supply) of this product costs $27.00 (suggested retail is $34.95) – in addition shipping of this product definitely has handling charges added to the actual shipping costs. Priority Mail for this should cost $4.95 anywhere in the continental United States yet you are charged $6.55. To order this product call 800-969-5131.
I have never seen a prostate formula with this many extra ingredients. Each capsule contains 519.33 mg of all the above ingredients combined – either this capsule is a whopper or somehow they were able to shrink the ingredients after weighing them to get them into a palatable size capsule. The capsule used for Prostate Health Essentials is not of vegetable origin.

Prosvent – how does it stack up to Best Prostate?

We have received a few phone calls regarding Prosvent vs. Best Prostate.

1 soft gel capsule of Prosvent contains 363 mg of a proprietary blend of Saw Palmetto (fruit) Extract, Pumpkin (seed) Oil, Stinging Nettle (Root) Extract, Pygeum Africanum, Lycopene. In addition you will get 100 IU of Vitamin D, 100IU of Vitamin E (as-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate), 5 mg Zinc (as Zinc Sulfate), and 75 mcg of Selenium (as Selenomethione).
These are the other ingredients in each capsule: Soybean Oil, Lecithin, Beeswax (yellow), Silica.

Prosvent states that you take 2 soft gel capsules per day. Each bottle of Prosvent contains 60 soft gel capsules.

Obviously this product must contain some Beta-sitosterol from the Saw Palmetto fruit extract, Pumpkin (seed) Oil and the Stinging Nettle (Root) Extract. How much is the question? There is no actual way to discern the quantity of actual Beta-sitosterol in Prosvent, which is the ingredient that has been well studied and published in double-blind placebo controlled clinical studies.

The manufacturer of Prosvent makes the claim that you can try Prosvent risk free for 30 days. You call them and provide a credit card number. If you do not cancel by calling them within the 30 day period your credit card will be charged $79.90 for the 2 bottles of Prosvent that you received. This is in addition to the $9.95 that your credit card was charged the day you called to receive your “risk free” trial of Prosvent. In addition, if you have not called within the initial 30 day period to cancel you will be placed on an auto ship program to receive 2 bottles of Prosvent every 60 days and your credit card will be automatically billed $89.85 every 60 days unless you cancel. If you call Prosvent at 800-778-4584 and do not place an order at the time you call them they will call you back and offer to give you a 25% discount for placing an order over the phone. All orders placed by phone or Internet are subject to the auto ship and automatic billing program.

For those of you who have not tried Best Prostate we do NOT subject our customers to either auto shipping product or recurring charges to your credit card. To try Best Prostate the cost for one bottle is $24.95 plus actual shipping costs with no additional handling charges. If you decide that Best Prostate does not work for you simply return it and we refund the $24.95. We do not refund the postage fees. What we do offer our customers is quantity pricing. This means that you can purchase 6 bottles of Best Prostate for $89.70 plus actual shipping costs. This breaks down to a cost of $14.95 for each 30-day supply of Best Prostate.

Best Prostate provides the 310 mg of actual Beta-sitosterol per serving for the best price.
You simply do not pay for all those unknowns or extras prevalent in other prostate formulas.

If you do not mind not knowing the amount of Beta-sitosterol you are purchasing or if price is no object then call Prosvent at 800-778-4584. If you want to try Best Prostate visit http://www.bestprostate.com/ or call 888-768-3836.

Beta-Prostall or Pros-TEROL

We have received numerous requests for information regarding the above product as compared to Best Prostate. First Beta-Prostall was re-named Pros-TEROL. The serving size of this product is 3 caplets. Best Prostate is 2 capsules. 1 caplet of Pros-TEROL contains 200 mg of Beta-sitosterol. 1 capsule of Best Prostate contains 310 mg of Beta-sitosterol. Pros-TEROL contains 16 additional vitamins that have not shown statistical significant benefit in multiple clinical studies that establish a benefit with respect to the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. This product appears to be more of a multi-vitamin so if you are one of 53 million Americans who take a multi-vitamin it would be wise to make sure that you are not ingesting supra physiologic levels that may or may not lead to other undesirable situations. Cost of Pros-TEROL is $29.99 each when you order 6 bottles – there phone number is 800-462-9654. Cost of Best Prostate is $14.95 each when you order 6 bottles. Best Prostate can be reached at 888-768-3836 or www.bestprostate.com.

Unfortunately the manufacturer does not publish a Supplements Facts table online. Here is a listing of the ingredients:

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Zinc (Zinc Arginate), Copper (Cupric Oxide), Beta-Sitosterol (Campesterol, Stignmasterol, Brassicasterol), Glycine, L-Alanine, L-Glutamic Acid Hydrochloride, Soy Isoflavones, Quercetin, Lycopene, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Stinging Nettle Root Extract 10:1, Ginger Root Extract 4:1, Licorice Root Extract 4:1, Black Pepper Extract

UltraProstatePlus- Compare Prostate Formulas

RE: UlraProstatePlus – James Adison “How I Naturally Cured My Prostate Disease”

James – 1 tablet of UltraProstate has 157mg of Beta-sitosterol – 1 vegetable capsule of Best Prostate contains 310 mg of Beta-sitosterol. All these extra ingredients in UltraProstate have not shown published benefit in the literature to improve prostate function. Honestly 4 pills of UltraProstatePlus compared to 2 or 3 capsules of Best Prostate is simply not even comparable.

UltraProstatePlus wants to charge $59.oo a month and make you sign up for a recurrent billing account. Best Prostate does not offer recurrent billing nor do they store your credit information which creates both safety and customer satisfaction. A month’s supply of Best Prostate can be purchased for as low as $14.95 plus shipping. The company does not charge handling.

It amazes me that companies say “try our product for free” which means we take your credit card information and set up an account with recurrent billing (month to month) and autoshipments. One trip to the Better Business Bureau and you can find countless complaints against businesses that partake in this business practice of autoship and autobilling.

You can order one bottle of Best Prostate for $24.95 plus shipping $4.95 (priority mail anywhere in the continental US). If the product does not work for you simply call them and return the used open bottle and any additional open bottles and you will be issued a refund for $24.95. Use all sixty pills – honestly – the policy of Best Prostate is that “no man will continue to take something if it does not provide a benefit” I originally tried to post to the blog of James Addison however it appears the blog does not encourage a post from objective third parties.

According to purchase records at Best Prostate – they do not have a record of you ever purchasing Best Prostate. Please tell us how you made up your comparison?

No red face here – we encourage any comparative questions regarding prostate formulas.