Prostate Health Essentials – Senior Life Health

This product is amazing – over 30 ingredients in each capsule.
First note the you take 3 capsules per day. First of all there is no way that all thirty plus of these ingredients have been studied and published in multiple clinical studies and have shown a significant benefit with respect to the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Therefore with respect to the ingredients that have been studied 1 capsule contains:
150 mg of Beta-sitosterol
16.66 mg Zinc
66.6 mcg of Selenium
How much much does it cost?
One bottle (30 day supply) of this product costs $27.00 (suggested retail is $34.95) – in addition shipping of this product definitely has handling charges added to the actual shipping costs. Priority Mail for this should cost $4.95 anywhere in the continental United States yet you are charged $6.55. To order this product call 800-969-5131.
I have never seen a prostate formula with this many extra ingredients. Each capsule contains 519.33 mg of all the above ingredients combined – either this capsule is a whopper or somehow they were able to shrink the ingredients after weighing them to get them into a palatable size capsule. The capsule used for Prostate Health Essentials is not of vegetable origin.