Prostalex Plus

We have received numerous calls regarding this company and people have had difficuly contacting them. We have located the following number so that you may contact them directly. People are upset that they require you take 3 capsules at a monthly cost of 59.85 vs. Best Prostate’s 2 capsules per day at $24.95. You can contact them at 888-254-3727. To call Best Prostate call 888-768-3836 or visit
I have tried to ascertain a Supplements Facts Table for this product and the best I could find is the following listing:
Every capsule of Prostalex Plus contains hefty milligrams of the following:
Saw Palmetto
Beta Sitosterol
Green Tea Extract
Pumpkin Seed
Vitamin A
Nettles Leaf
Vitamin E
Pygeum Bark

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