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Some prostate formulas promise a “free” trial only to sign you up for auto-shipping and auto-billing scams. “Free” means “not controlled by an obligation”

Super Beta Prostate®

Super Beta Prostate® is manufactured by New Vitality®, Inc.. They can be reached at 888-997-2941. Each bottle of Super Beta Prostate® contains 60 caplets or a one month supply. The manufacturer of this product states that the product “contains 12 additional vitamins and minerals.
The product Super Beta Prostate® is frequently advertised on the radio and they offer a free trial of their product. It is reported that the free trial is offered when you agree to the automatic monthly billing and shipping option. Please verify with the manufacturer. They can be reached at 888-997-2941.
We have updated the information that was originally posted here effective 3/02/2010. In addition we have updated the Supplement Facts table due to changes made by the manufacturer New Vitality.
It should be noted that periodically manufacturers make changes to their respective websites and or products and that information reported here on this blog may or may not be updated as quickly as these changes are made. When information is not updated due to lack of information the information previously presented is in error. We encourage your input or comments when you note that information on any of our websites is in error,outdated, or a manufacturer has made a change to their product.


Clinical data does not support the benefit claimed regarding the inclusion of free (unesterified) fatty acids in a prostate dietary supplement. Prostavar a product manufactured by Superbalife International and reviewed by Stigwood Reseach Institute contains 106 mg of free fatty acids per capsule. Stigwood Research Institute claims that in the free fatty acid catagory Best Prostate scored 0.661 mg of free fatty acids. Stigwood suggests that more fatty acid content is desired however the literature does not support these claims.
A comprehensive understanding of free (unesterified) fatty acids can be found at:
Additional information regarding “free” fatty acid is available here:

Prostalex Plus

We have received numerous calls regarding this company and people have had difficuly contacting them. We have located the following number so that you may contact them directly. People are upset that they require you take 3 capsules at a monthly cost of 59.85 vs. Best Prostate’s 2 capsules per day at $24.95. You can contact them at 888-254-3727. To call Best Prostate call 888-768-3836 or visit
I have tried to ascertain a Supplements Facts Table for this product and the best I could find is the following listing:
Every capsule of Prostalex Plus contains hefty milligrams of the following:
Saw Palmetto
Beta Sitosterol
Green Tea Extract
Pumpkin Seed
Vitamin A
Nettles Leaf
Vitamin E
Pygeum Bark

Plant Sterols

Nutritionists recognize two classes of phytosterols: (1) sterols, which have a double bond in the sterol ring; and (2) stanols, which lack a double bond in the sterol ring .
A mixed Phytosterol complex contains the following distinct plant sterols:
1) Beta-sitosterol
2) Campesterol
3) Stigmasterol
There are distinct structural differences between the above three plant sterols.
In the case of prostate health, it is beta-sitosterol that has been studied and reported to provide relief with respect to the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.