Men Want the Best Prostate Formula with Beta-Sitosterol for their Enlarged Prostate Problems

The FDA warning issued to doctors on Prostate Prescriptions in June 2011 prompted many men to look at natural prostate supplements. Most supplements use a SOY sourced beta-sitosterol. Unlike most, the Best Prostate Formula uses a non-GMO Non-SOY Beta-sitosterol to address Prostate Symptoms.

Prostate Pill Reports by Institutes that do not exist.

Today the prostate supplement market is constantly being targeted by false non-accredited Institutes “Fischer Urological Institute” and / or Pill reports brought to you by organizations like that literally portray themselves as credible sources. The fact is that these organizations are not accredited and these so called pill reporting agencies are a fraud. Simple searches on the name of the organization at Better Business Bureau, and Dunn & Bradstreet websites clearly shows that these so called expert agencies are nothing more that a false front to get the consumer to purchased their alleged highly rated product. We encourage consumers to report these to the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, collects complaints about companies, business practices, and identity theft. Complaints can be filed at:

Does your Prostate Supplement contain GMO Beta-sitosterol?

Most of us know that GMO (or “genetically modified organisms”) is the science that allows DNA from one species to be injected into another species in a laboratory, creating combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods. In over 30 countries around the world there are restrictions and/or bans on the production of GMOs. These restrictions and/or bans exist because GMOs are not considered to be proven as safe. Some of the countries that have these restrictions include: Japan, Russia, Australia, and all of the countries in the European Union.

In 2008, a CBS News poll found that 87% of consumers wanted products containing GMOs labeled as such. A more recent poll by CBS/New York Times found that 53% of consumers would not buy food that was genetically modified.

Most beta-sitosterol found in prostate formulas is derived from soy. This is interesting in that it is well known that soy contains phyto-estrogens and consumption of soy has been shown to reduce testosterone levels. FYI, most soy consumed in Asian countries is fermented soy. Un-fermented soy was and is reserved for un-faithful husbands. Unlike Asian countries most soy consumed in the US is not fermented. Now back to soy and GMO. In 2009 the US Department of Agriculture reported that 93% of the soy grown in the United States was GMO. Unlike most prostate formulas, the beta-sitosterol in Best Prostate™ is non-GMO. In addition the beta-sitosterol in Best Prostate™ is derived from pine and not soy.

What Is the Best Prostate Formula or Supplement for Your Prostate?
PR Newswire
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif., July 12
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif., July 12 /PRNewswire/ — Searching the Internet can be very misleading. Today the dietary supplement market is crowded with prostate formulas. The consumer is confused with fraudulent prostate pill reports that try to compare prostate formula safety and efficacy based upon laboratory tests of ingredients and measurements that have nothing to do safety or whether the product will work.
Beware the prostate manufacturer that directly attacks other prostate manufacturers to sell their prostate formula. These practices are both unethical and a demonstration of desperation. Some alleged consumer guides are disguised to look like they are an authority on the subject when they are literally a subjective way to confuse the consumer into purchasing a more expensive product. The FDA published consumer guidelines for shopping for dietary supplements. These can be found at:
Look for a return policy or guarantee it should be obvious. Are you being signed up for a monthly, or bimonthly auto-shipment and billing program? Companies offering this will be storing your credit card information. The Better Business Bureau is loaded with complaints against companies that auto-ship and bill consumers for products.
Does the website where you are shopping actually provide references for the claims made? You should be able to find the study in the National Library of Medicine’s database of literature citations ( Has the referenced study been reviewed by recognized scientific experts and published in reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals, like the New England Journal of Medicine? If not then the FDA advises that you beware this manufacturer.
Many consumers do not realize that when they use a search engine that the top three categories are advertisements. These are listed as “sponsored links.” These are paid advertisements that are selling a specific product. What you read in this section is an advertisement and not the gospel. Search engine companies do not confirm the validity of an advertisement they make money when you click on the link. Some advertisers mislead consumers to believe that they are visiting an accredited institution that provides product ratings. Consumers need to verify that the reviewing organization is valid and accredited. If the link is a “sponsored link” it is no more than an advertisement. Factual product comparisons can be made from one label to the next. However efficacy and safety issues involve scientific study not a lab test. A lab report can only confirm the specific amount and presence of what is being measured.
Beware dietary supplement sites that use the word “treatment.” Unless a study using the dietary supplement or a pharmaceutical in a specific disease state has received an FDA indication then the term is used illegally.
This information is brought to you by the maker of Best Prostate(TM) Formula at or We believe in your right to truth in advertising as defined by the National Advertising Division of the BBB.
Company Contact:
Scottie Jack, CEO
IMS Supplements, Inc.
818-509-0612 is now brought to you by a company entitled (web site registered 2/2010) DBA Stigwood Research Institute. Sounds official doesn’t it. You may wish to click on the link to see all the credentials of the medical personnel and all the health reports they have published. makes you think that they provide authentic doctor approved or endorsed health reports on numerous products. The truth is they provide one report that promotes the expensive product “Prostavar”. The website posts pictures and/or logos of Duke Medicine, and the “James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute” – John Hopkins Medicine as endorsements.
Best Prostate is manufactured in Torrance, California. The state-of-the-art facility in Torrance is one of the few facilities in the United States that carries GMP (good manmufacturing practices) certifications from both NSF International, NPA (Natural Products Association, formerly NNFA), as well as QAI (Quality Assurance International) organic certification.
Maybe (Stigwood) can provide you with a photo of the facility in Torrance, CA.
The Offices of Best Prostate are in North Hollywood, CA. Personally the owners of Best Prostate did not see fit to spend resources on expensive offices in Beverly Hills, CA that would increase the price of our product for consumers.
The following photograph is from the facility in Torrance where Best Prostate is manufactured.
This is a machine used in putting product into capsules.

Be advised that the lab tests provided by can not and do not infer either efficacy or safety. A laboratory measurement can only confirm the identity of a specific compound and the amount of it present in the sample being tested. discusses the benefit of the mineral zinc but fails to discuss why zinc is in a supplement.
Best Prostate contains zinc due to the findings published by Leake A, et al. “The effect of zinc on the 5 alpha-reduction of testosterone by the hyperplastic human prostate gland.” J Steroid Biochem. Feb1984;2092:651-655.and Pavon Maganto E. “Zinc in prostatic physiopathology. I. Role of zinc in the physiology and biochemistry of the prostatic gland”. Arch Esp Urol. Mar1979;32(2):143-52. and the fact that scientists have known for decades that Zinc may play an important part in prostate health. Additional data on Zinc and Prostate Health has been completed by Irving Bush, M.D., senior consultant at the Center for Study of Genitourinary Diseases in West Dundee, Illinois, and former chairman of the Food and Drug Administration panels on gastroenterology, urology and dialysis. Dr. Irving Bush of the Chicago Medical School and researchers from Cook County Hospital studied over 5,000 patients and the effects of zinc on enlarged prostates. An additional study was conducted at the University of Edinburgh Medical School in Scotland where they discovered high doses of zinc inhibited the activity of the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in test tube prostate tissues.

Best Prostate™ Formula

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Real money back guarantee – no credit card information is stored. One order is one order.
When you want Beta-sitosterol, without fillers and binders, all vegetable capsule, and a great price – then try Best Prostate Formula.
Some prostate formulas promise a “free” trial only to sign you up for auto-shipping and auto-billing scams. “Free” means “not controlled by an obligation”

Super Beta Prostate®

Super Beta Prostate® is manufactured by New Vitality®, Inc.. They can be reached at 888-997-2941. Each bottle of Super Beta Prostate® contains 60 caplets or a one month supply. The manufacturer of this product states that the product “contains 12 additional vitamins and minerals.
The product Super Beta Prostate® is frequently advertised on the radio and they offer a free trial of their product. It is reported that the free trial is offered when you agree to the automatic monthly billing and shipping option. Please verify with the manufacturer. They can be reached at 888-997-2941.
We have updated the information that was originally posted here effective 3/02/2010. In addition we have updated the Supplement Facts table due to changes made by the manufacturer New Vitality.
It should be noted that periodically manufacturers make changes to their respective websites and or products and that information reported here on this blog may or may not be updated as quickly as these changes are made. When information is not updated due to lack of information the information previously presented is in error. We encourage your input or comments when you note that information on any of our websites is in error,outdated, or a manufacturer has made a change to their product.

Prostalex Plus

We have received numerous calls regarding this company and people have had difficuly contacting them. We have located the following number so that you may contact them directly. People are upset that they require you take 3 capsules at a monthly cost of 59.85 vs. Best Prostate’s 2 capsules per day at $24.95. You can contact them at 888-254-3727. To call Best Prostate call 888-768-3836 or visit
I have tried to ascertain a Supplements Facts Table for this product and the best I could find is the following listing:
Every capsule of Prostalex Plus contains hefty milligrams of the following:
Saw Palmetto
Beta Sitosterol
Green Tea Extract
Pumpkin Seed
Vitamin A
Nettles Leaf
Vitamin E
Pygeum Bark

Plant Sterols

Nutritionists recognize two classes of phytosterols: (1) sterols, which have a double bond in the sterol ring; and (2) stanols, which lack a double bond in the sterol ring .
A mixed Phytosterol complex contains the following distinct plant sterols:
1) Beta-sitosterol
2) Campesterol
3) Stigmasterol
There are distinct structural differences between the above three plant sterols.
In the case of prostate health, it is beta-sitosterol that has been studied and reported to provide relief with respect to the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.